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Charlevoix The Beautiful

July 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


           Cathy and I spent a few days relaxing and taking photos in Charlevoix, Michigan. Charlevoix is a town that summer is short so you better visit in July or you will miss it. Even though I am a Buckeye this is "Pure Michigan."


       A man is trying to paddle around the Emerald Isle ferry.



       This is a boat house on Round Lake built by the Four Winds Boating Company. The house has working 

multiple docks for boat repairs.



       I took this photo of the Three Sons yacht going out to Lake Michigan. Traffic is stopped every half hour to let the boats in and out from Lake Michigan.

        If you ever want a get-away that is a little more than a six hour drive, I would recommend Charlevoix, Michigan.


    Thank you for reading.



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